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Zabljak is located in a fascinating natural setting of Mount Durmitor. Its location at an altitude of 1456 meters makes it the highest town in the Balkans. Although it has reached natural resources for winter tourism, it is more interesting and visited much more in summer. This quiet town is located on the borders of Durmitor National Park, which covers an area of 39,000 hectares, surrounded by 18 glacial lakes, beautiful canyons, 748 natural springs, virgin forests with trees more than 400 years old, ice caves…

Žabljak  is a small town in northern Montenegro. It is the highest settlement in the Balkans. The first Slavic name for the place was Varezina voda, which probably made the settlement possible due to the strong potable water supply nearby. Later, the town was renamed Hanovi as it was the resting place of the caravans.


Durmitor is Montenegro's highest mountain. It is referred to as the “Tear of Europe” because of its blue-green crystal clear, uncontaminated water.

The Đurđevića Tara Bridge is a concrete arch bridge over the Tara River in northern Monteengro. Mojkovac is located at the crossroads between the municipalities of Pljevlja and Žabljak. The exact location of the bridge is between the villages of Budečevica and Trešnjica


Included in UNESCO's World Heritage list, the Tara canyon is an oasis of untouched nature and is also the habitat of many species of plants and animals.
The waters of the Tara river throughout the canyon are clean and drinkable. There are still around 80 caves in the canyon area that have not been adequately explored.

Riblje Lake

At the foot of Riblje Lake Durmitor NP you can enjoy 2 small lakes in a wide green plain. There is also an old Slavic cemetery a little further up the hill. Enjoy the silence  and expansive views of the plain in contrast to the rugged mountains in the background. With a little luck, you will meet the shepherds and the flock of sheep.


The 1300 m deep Tara River canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Rafting on the Tara River is one of Montenegro's most popular tourist activities.

There are direct flights from Turkey to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, and the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.  There is a main road connection between Podgorica and the north.


Located in the town of Žabljak in northern Montenegro,  is a lake. It is a glacial lake located on Mount Durmitor at an altitude of 1,416 m. It is located at the foot of Međed Peak. The lake consists of two small lakes. Big Lake ( Veliko jezero ) and Small Lake ( Malo jezero ). The lakes are connected by a narrow strait, which dries up in the summer and forms two separate bodies of water.

Skiing Enjoyment

Durmitor's snow cover lasts 120 days a year with good slopes like Savin Kuk, Štuoc and Javorovača.


Durmitor's conditions are ideal for this sport.

There are walking paths around the town of Žabljak.


Durmitor's side hills are perfect for cycling while enjoying the scenery.

Zminje Lake

Zminje Lake is a very nice lake in the middle of the forest. You can enjoy nature on the shore of this lake in the middle of the mountain.

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