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Budva Hill Residence

Budva Hill Residence

Montenegro's first LEED Certified Green Building project


You can take your place in Budva, which brings together the most beautiful colors of nature with Budva Hill Residence Hotel, and you can enjoy your holiday completely at Budva Hill Residence Hotel, which offers many opportunities for you in Budva, one of the most magnificent places of Montenegro.

Montenegro's first LEED certified green building project
Reducing energy consumption, operating and maintenance costs, minimizing carbon emissions, increasing building energy performance and employee satisfaction are among the main objectives of our project.

Budva Hill Residence  Virtual Tour:

Budva Hill Residence Introduction:

Komuta sizde evden çalışma


Residence flats between 50 m2 and 250 m2

mutlu çift

20.000 m2

The project area

Hep Birlikte Salata Hazırlamak

At Budva Hill Residence Hotel

Special services for Complex Residents

Located in Budva, Budva Hill Residence Hotel offers the opportunity to have a holiday with its unique view.

You can enjoy your experiences at the highest level in the center of Budva, Montenegro. There are many locations you can see in Budva, one of the most popular places in Montenegro.

Budva is a wonderful city surrounded by nature, adjacent to the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. Budva, which is also one of the oldest settlements, is the right location for your holiday options due to its fascinating beaches, islands, bazaars and historical past. You can both enjoy the sun by swimming in the clean waters of the beach and experience the experience of walking around the historical streets.


While enjoying the sea in Budva, where green and blue are together in Montenegro, you are at the same time intertwined with the greenery of nature.

In addition to all these beauties, in our environmentally friendly project, it is aimed to create lush green areas and also to create developed areas that are completely efficient and productive in terms of energy, infrastructure and water facilities.

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