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Located in the southern region of Montenegro, Bar is a small but quite remarkable seaside town. The city, which is about 1 hour away from the capital of the country, Podgorica, is divided into two parts, new and old. The old town, namely Stari Bar, is of course the most sought-after area of the city. Moreover, the fact that many civilizations passed through the lands where the Ottomans had set foot in time, has greatly increased the cultural value of the city...

The city of Bar is a beautiful seaside town on the Adriatic. The city acts as the port of the country in both commercial and touristic terms. Bar'i economy revolves around tourism. Just like in many parts of Montenegro, it has a deep-rooted history and is by the sea attracts the attention of tourists. For this reason, shopping opportunities, stylish hotels or nightlife are abundant in this small town.

Home to Slavs, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans in its history dating back to the Neolithic Age, there are dozens of cultural heritages in the ruins of the Old City section called “Stari Bar”, 4 kilometers from the shore.


Bar is a coastal town on Montenegro's west coast, on the Adriatic Sea. To the east of Bar, 53 kilometers from the capital Podrica, is Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans.

There are direct flights from Turkey to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, and the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. After landing at the airport, you can reach the city bus station or ask the airport taxis to take you to Bar.


Stari Bar is the oldest residential area of the city of Bar. There are mosques in this wonderful place at the foot of Mount Rumija. Because this is one of the Montenegro cities where the Muslim population is concentrated. It's almost impossible not to dive deep into history while walking through cobblestone streets and stone structures at Stari Bar.

Stari Castle

Stari Castle, located in the Stari Bar region, is one of the must-visit places in the city of Bar. The walls of the castle, most of which were destroyed, are still standing. While walking among the ruins, you can remember that this place once belonged to the Ottoman Empire and take lots of photos, you can also relax in the restaurants or cafes around the castle, and buy souvenirs for your loved ones from the small gift shops.


Lake Skadar

Skadar Lake Decorated with Lotus Leaves. Skadar Lake, partly located in Podgorica and partly in the city of Bar, is the largest lake in the Balkans, which attracts the most tourists in Montenegro. Also known as Skadar National Park, one of the reasons why this miracle of nature makes the region important is that it is home to hundreds of bird species. For this reason alone, this place is one of the most visited natural wonders by bird watchers.

The bar has mini bars for pleasant conversations with your friends on very cute streets. Green Mill Bar where you can listen to today's songs, Salsa Familia Bar where you can have fun watching Cuban dances, Azzuro ideal for a beach party, Pub Galerija can be your choice for those who want to listen to live rock.


Imagine such a tree that it is huge, old, but standing upright. That tree is waiting for its visitors in the city of Bar, Montenegro. You must see this natural wonder, which is the oldest olive tree in Europe. I recommend. Taking a breather in the shade of this huge tree surrounded by stones will make you feel great!

As Bar is one of Montenegro's seaside towns, you will come across many restaurants serving seafood. Seasonal fish varieties, octopus, shrimp, lobster, mussels and much more.. Black Risotto, Popara, Kapaki (meatballs),..


It is a small tourist town located in the Municipality of Bar in the southern coastal region of Montenegro. There is a hotel and cottage complex in Čanj. The settlement stretches for about 1200 meters along the isolated coast. The town's main beach is called Biserna Obala (Pearl Beach)  and is popular with local residents and tourists. Featuring a sandy beach, Čanj is located under a natural sedimentary rock wall.

Church of St. Jovan Vladimir

Church of St. Jovan Vladimir  is a Serbian Orthodox Church located in Bar, Montenegro. It was built between 2006 and 2016.


King Nikola's Palace is a (former) royal summer residence located in Bar, Montenegro. Currently, the palace houses the Bar city museum. It is also used as a venue for festivals, concerts, exhibitions and literary events.

Mount Rumija  It is a mountain located in the south of Montenegro, between the Adriatic and Lake Shkodër. A small prefabricated metal church was placed on the summit of Mount Rumija by helicopter. The metal structure is known as the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church.


It is a stone aqueduct located on the northern side of the Stari Bar Castle, 4 km north of the city of Bar, Montenegro. The Bar Aqueduct is Montenegro's only remaining aqueduct and is one of the largest and best preserved of the three remaining aqueducts in the former Yugoslavia, which includes the Diocletian Aqueduct near Split and the Skopje Aqueduct in Croatia.

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