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Budva is the heart of Montenegro and the thriving center of Adriatic tourism. Located in the center of the Budva Riviera, which lives up to the same name, the city of Budva is home to many beaches, well-preserved Venetian walls in the Old Town and magnificent nature.

With a local population of less than 20,000, Budva becomes a lively and vibrant city, flooded with tourists during the summer season. Budva is one of Europe's carnival cities and hosts various festivals and performance events, previously attended by musicians such as Lenny Kravitz, Madonna and The Rolling Stones.
Budva is a city that offers a variety of entertainment, relaxation and touristic options. Featuring a vibrant nightlife with casinos and nightclubs, one of which appeared in the James Bond movies Casino Royal, it also boasts the largest exhibition space on the Adriatic coast where trade fairs and exhibitions are held, a well-preserved cultural heritage site and natural landscape.


Budva is a wonderful city surrounded by nature, adjacent to the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. There are also many tours from Turkey to Budva, which is especially popular with holidaymakers.

Montenegro has two international airports. One of them is located in Podgorica, the capital of the country, while the other is located in Tivat, one of the coastal cities. There are direct flights to Podgorica from Turkey and the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.


This is the most famous area of Budva and accommodation facilities in the city are also located here. The beaches are within walking distance in this region, which attracts a lot of tourists. You can sit in a cafe in its narrow streets, sip coffee, drink wine or spend a pleasant time shopping in its cute shops.

Becici Beach

Budva's best-known beach, Bečići, welcomes thousands of tourists every year. You can evaluate the accommodation options around this magnificent beach to swim and sunbathe to the fullest. Especially the majority of luxury hotels are located here! Of course, this does not mean that you cannot stay at an affordable price. In Bečići you can find hotels, hostels and houses for every budget.


When you think of vacation, do you think of a quiet, calm and peaceful place? Tired of the crowds and want to throw yourself into the calm waters, the beaches where the wind is blowing? Your address is Rafailovici! Radailovići is an ideal location for those who want to have a quieter holiday. You can have a great time here by keeping hotels, hostels and rental houses.

The most beautiful area of Budva for those who prefer a luxury 5-star accommodation. Sveti Stefan Island, which is almost the symbol of Montenegro and one of the most famous places of Budva, is in the hearts of tourists with its postcard appearance. One of Robert De Niro's 4 world-famous restaurants is on this beach. Queen Elizabeth's sister Margarette was married here.


Budva has a warm and temperate climate, so the weather is quite hot in summer. Especially August is the hottest and most popular time. Budva's winter is quite rainy. If you are planning a winter holiday instead of summer, you should be prepared for sudden showers!

What to Eat in Budva?

We are in a Montenegrin city where you can find Italian, Balkan, Turkish and Hungarian cuisines together! To make specific recommendations, of course, fish is one of the things you should definitely eat when you come to Budva. Apart from fish, we can list the flavors you should taste as follows; Dried Meat, Answer, Seafood, Pizza, Burek, Priganice, Wine.


If you are dreaming of a dynamic and non-stop holiday, Budva promises you much more than that. Beach parties, concerts, discos and bars offer breathtaking entertainment. It is not difficult to find a place that will appeal to all tastes here! Whether you're looking for a crazy dance floor or sip your beer in a quiet bar.

Besides being a historical building, the Citadel is the highest part of Budva and has a wonderful view. Do not forget to check the charge of your phone and camera before coming here. Because you will want to take lots of photos! The strategic location of the Citadel has protected Budva against the dangers of the sea for many years. It is a fascinating place with its history, scenery and buildings.


Located within the Old Town area, the statue has a great location! Behind it are the Old Town walls and a unique view. Just for this reason, Ballerina Girl is a structure that you should go and see and photograph. While you're at it, don't forget to listen to the stories of the statue that spread from ear to ear and from tongue to tongue!

Budva Churches and Monasteries

There are many churches and monasteries in Budva. St. Maria's Church, one of the oldest churches in Montenegro, the Holy Trinity Church, which is still in service, and St. Ivan's Church, which is worth seeing with its frescoes and paintings, are among the places you should visit. Besides these structures; Do not forget to include Podostrog Monastery, Duljevo Monastery and Praskavica Monastery in the list!


If you are looking for a sightseeing spot to escape the crowds of Budva, turn your route to Petrovac. The place, which is half an hour away from the city center, attracts attention with its sandy beach.

Sveti Nikola Island, which you can reach by boats departing from Budva, is the beach that Montenegro people call Hawaii. There is only one restaurant on the island. Therefore, it can be preferred here only for swimming and sunbathing.


About 3 km from the center of Budva, Jaz Beach is a family beach! The beach area is also rich in cafes and restaurants. Jaz, one of the biggest beaches of Montenegro, consists of two parts. One of them is pebble while the other is fine sand. Until 2017, the "Sea Dance" Festival was held here. Madonna, the Rolling Stones performed here again.

Kamenovo Beach

When you say which are the best beaches in Budva, Kamenovo beach is without a doubt. This small beach, 730 meters wide, is pebble and sandy. This beach can be reached by walking through the tunnel in Rafailovici. You will be amazed by the sea that welcomes you after the tunnel.


Queen's Beach is a beach preferred by wealthy tourists and it is very stylish! The beach is located near the Milocer hotel. Moreover, it is only 120 meters long. If what you are looking for is sea, sand, sun and most importantly peace, there is no need to look elsewhere!

Slovenska Beach, 1.5 km long, is a popular destination in the city center of Budva. The beach, Slovenska, got its name from the Slovenians who vacationed here in the 1900s. Thanks to its easy access, you can even walk to the beach, which you can easily find.


Mogren Beach is located just west of the Old Town. It can be reached by using a specially made path from the place where the rocks are located. The beach is 350 meters long and is a mixture of sand and pebbles. The beach, which looks very attractive with its golden yellow sand and exquisite bay, is in high demand in the summer months.

Sveti Stefan Beach

A charming beach connected to the rock of Budva's most famous Sveti Stefan Island. The beaches in the north and south are open to the public on the island, which has a 1170-meter-long beach.


Guvance Beach, a continuation of Slovenska beach, is a small pebble beach! On this small but very romantic beach, you can swim a lot, sunbathe and then watch the sunset.

Pržno Beach is quite a beautiful bay, 6 kilometers from Budva. Moreover, this beach surrounded by cliffs is ideal for those looking for fun. In Pržno, which is styled as a beach club, you will not only swim and sunbathe, but also have a lot of fun thanks to the hotels and bars around it.


Miloćer Beach is a wonderful beach with its magnificent sea in front and exotic trees and plants behind it! Perfect for both sea and nature lovers, Miloćer Beach is also known as the King's Beach.

Petrovac Beach

This wonderful beach, which attracts attention with its reddish sand, has a length of 600 meters. If you want a peaceful sea holiday where you can relax, Petrovac Beach is ideal.


Buljarica Beach, the longest beach in Budva and Adriatic at 2250 meters, is also 2 kilometers away from Petrovac. If you like sand-pebble beaches, if you like big and lively beaches, you can choose this place.

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