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Most Radovici

Most Radovici

A peaceful life in the heart of the blue...


The Most Radovici project offers a lucrative investment opportunity in Radovici, one of the most attractive centers of Montenegro, where you can create a pleasant new life or create unforgettable holiday memories.

Radovici is a city of attraction with Montenegro's most beautiful beaches and places to spend time. Famous for its sandy beaches, infrastructure and excellent examples of Mediterranean architecture, it is one of Montenegro's largest tourist centers. The area around Radovici is very popular with tourists for its charming beaches and coves.

Investors show increasing demand for projects in the north of the country, as well as on the beaches of the Budva Riviera, Lustica, Tivat.

Most Radovici Virtual Tour:

Most Radovici Introduction:

Komuta sizde evden çalışma


High rental income

mutlu çift


To Plavi Horizonti Beach 800m 

To Krasici Beach1200m

To Luštica Bay:200 meters

Hep Birlikte Salata Hazırlamak

25 Car Parking Area

Exclusive for Complex Residents

20 flats: High rental income

1+1, 2+1 and Studio Apartments: A perfect location in the heart of the blue, intertwined with nature...

Parking Area: Exclusive to the residents of the building

A perfect location in the heart of the blue, intertwined with nature...

Luštica Bay is the most prestigious and exclusive project in Montenegro. Most Radovici is approximately 200 m from this prestigious project. From Montenegro's developing economy and growing tourism income, you can rent your investment to tourists from all over the world and earn foreign currency income when you do not use your investment.


Most Radovici is located in the heart of the settlement as well as being close to nature. Cafes and restaurants, pharmacies, health centers and markets are approximately 5 minutes away.

To Plavi Horizonti Beach: 800m (7 minutes walk)

To Krašici Beach: 1200m

To Luštica Bay: 200 m

Cafes and restaurants, pharmacies, health centers and markets: 5 min.

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