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A great Montenegro city where you can make profitable investments in Tivat! The seaside city of Tivat, with its azure waters in the southwest of Montenegro, will be in your memory as a beautiful travel memory with its places to visit.

A small port city that fascinates its guests with its ports, beaches, natural beauties and historical sites.

This port city, the address of luxury yachts and ships, is a remarkable place among whites. The most expensive place in Tivat is Porto Montenegro, which is also home to the port. The city, which appeals to the wealthy segment of Europe, is a luxury region generally preferred by businessmen. Especially Porto Montenegro is a stylish and luxurious place with large and spacious stores.

Of course, what makes Tivat important is not only its luxury port and modern structure. This is the city where the other airport after Podgorica is located. That's why it's also important.


Tivat is a young, luxurious and highly attractive city in Montenegro, located in the southwest of Montenegro. Located on the Adriatic, on the coast of Kotor Bay, the city has managed to become the center of attention of tourists thanks to its geographical location and natural beauties. The city of Tivat, which has a very luxurious mega-yacht marina like Porto Montenegro, is also a favorite of wealthy investors!

This is a beautiful seaside neighborhood of Tivat, which also hosts many festivals and entertainment. Donja Lastva can be the first choice for those who want to spend a quiet and peaceful holiday, especially in the summer months. You will leave yourself in the magnificent arms of nature and start praying not to return from this real fairy tale city. 


Porto Montenegro is a mega-yacht marina with over 500 yachts! Around the marina built on a former Yugoslav naval facility; There are luxury hotels, elite restaurants, water sports and many recreational facilities.

Church of St. Sava

St. Sava Church, which impresses with its remarkable architecture, is a stone structure and its history is quite old. For those who are interested in historical buildings bearing the traces of the past, this is an important building that should be added to the list. Moreover, the location is on a busy street that you can easily reach.


St. Roko Church, which welcomes you right from the seaside, is a Catholic church. This historical building, whose architecture you can admire, draws attention especially with its tower. Because you can have a great time watching the view of the city from this wonderful tower.

Established as a horticultural facility in 1968, the park was taken under protection, expanded and opened to the public. The largest park in the city with its walking trails and cool air in the shade of trees, the park is used for activities such as resting, socializing and doing sports. The doors of the park are kept open at all hours of the day.


Kalardovo Beach is a peaceful beach that offers a much calmer and quieter environment than other beaches in Tivat. If you say you want to relax a little and swim a lot, this place is definitely perfect for you! The beach, where not only you but also your children can have a good time, is waiting 3 km from the city center. A Calm and Peaceful Beach.

Plavi Horizonti Beach

Horizonti, one of the popular beaches of Tivat, is quite busy during the summer season. I can say that the beach, which also hosts fun activities, is quite active. There are many accommodation and entertainment areas around the beach.


The surface of the beach, which is 1 km away from Tivat, consists of rocks and sand. However, the rocks are not large enough to disturb. We recommend you to go to the beach, which is especially suitable for those who love swimming or professional swimmers.

One of the surviving buildings used as a summer house by the important families of Kotor has been arranged as an art gallery and a museum. Paintings, sculptures, precious jewels and traditional clothes are exhibited in the gallery, which can be considered an ethnography museum. The museum, which was established to reflect the culture of the region, also organizes events and cocktails.


Opened in a beautiful small building opposite the port, the museum reflects the maritime tradition of the region. Nearly 300 works are on display, from Yugoslav submarines to Austro-Hungarian ship equipment.

What to Eat in Tivat?

Montenegro cuisine is a special cuisine where different cultures are intertwined. It has a wide range where you can find local flavors as well as world flavors. There are some amazing flavors that you must try! Fish Soup / Riblja Corba, Cesnica / Bozicna Rolls, Italian Style Breakfast, Muckalica, Local Grape Brandy, Krstac and Vranac Wine...


Montenegro is a country famous for its wines, and it is possible to encounter locally produced wine brands in many of its cities. If you are a fan of white wine, especially with fish dishes, Krstac is included in the list as one of the drinks you should definitely taste in Tivat.  Besides, your choice for red wine may be Vranac branded wines.

Montenegro's most famous nightclubs are also located in Tivat. Especially in the summer nights, the entertainment venues in the center are quite crowded. Here you can find cafes with private beaches during the day, transformed into endless entertainment venues at night.


Flower Island, also known as Miholjska Prevlaka, is a colorful island covered with flowers, just like its name. You should definitely visit this wonderful island where boat tours are organized. If you are traveling during the summer months, do not miss the pleasure of the sea on the beach here!

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