Residing in the foothill of great Vrmac Mountain, Tivat was converted from a small village to a huge weaponry arsenal in the 19th century. Today, it is the smallest city of Montenegro yet one of the highest in terms of annual revenue thanks to high tourist influx.


Tivat hosts the largest airport and the biggest marina yacht in Montenegro, aiming to be the center of nautical tourism in the Dalmatians and the Adriatic. Catering to the palette of marine enthusiasts, Tivat also offers diverse options for gourmets with 5-star restaurants such as Mitsu, Byblos, and Al Posto Giusto. If you are on a budget, Tivat still offers local alternatives such as Mala Barka and Sidro, where you can dive into the treats of Balkan cuisine.

On top of easy navigation, luxurious stores, a beautiful marina and promenade; Tivat also has a beautiful hillside where you can hike and bike.


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