Herceg Novi

Situated at the steps of Mount Orjen and the entrance of Bay of Kotor, Herceg Novi, also known as Castelnuovo for many years, was subjected to the sieges of the great empires that wanted to have a dominion over the Adriatic and the Balkans, and therefore, has a diverse architectural heritage of different styles.

Herceg Novi has been a frequented city for centuries, thanks to neighboring mineral and mud bath center Igalo and the episcopal center it harbored. Hosting one third of the tourists who came to Montenegro until the Bosnian War, Herceg Novi maintains being one of the main tourist destinations in Montenegro, but the center of Montenegro tourism has shifted to new investment areas in the close proximity such as Budva, Kotor and Tivat.



Herceg Novi, one of the regions of Montenegro that remained under Ottoman rule for a long time, has Ottoman heritage monuments such as the Kanli Kula, which currently serves as an amphitheater and hosts an opera festival in the summer.


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