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It is located near the Piva lake (Pivsko) and the Durmitor National Park area in the northwestern highlands of Montenegro. It is also located 30 minutes from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

How to get to Pluzine?

There are direct flights to Podgorica and Tivat from Istanbul and take 1 hour and 45 minutes. It takes 2 hours by car from Podgorica and there is a distance of 2:30 hours from Pluzine Tivat airport. 

The Piva river, which flows green through the city of Pluzine, carries the fascinating feature of the city and gathers in Piva lake and continues towards the Skadar lake, the second largest lake in Europe. The number of tourists who come to rafting in Pluzine, where many water and nature sports are performed, is quite high. Boat tours are also organized on the Piva lake and river. There are many restaurants where you can taste the flavors of the world. A magnificent nature and vegetation awaits you here. 


Piva emerges from the Sinjac spring. It is located near the Piva Monastery. Before the artificial Piva Lake was formed, the waters from the well flowed into the Komarnica river, forming the Piva river for the next 34 km.

Bogorodica, or Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is located near the source of the Piva River in Piva, Montenegro. Noted for its frescoes, the monastery's treasures also include ritual objects, rare liturgical books, art, objects from precious metals, and a psalm from the Crnojevići printing press (1493–96), the first in the Balkans. These are on display in the monastery's museum


In Montenegro  is a reservoir. The artificial lake is the result of the construction of the Mratinje Dam on the Piva river. At the bottom of the lake is the old town of Plužine; The Piva Monastery was also there, but it was relocated.

Trnovačko Lake

It is a lake in northern Montenegro and has the shape of a heart. It is located in the middle of a huge amphitheater made up of rocky hills. Lake Maglić is drained from the Volujak and Bioč mountain ranges. The open north side of the lake has the forested Vratnice. The lake water has a dark green-blue color.

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