The city of Bar, known as Tivar by Albanians and Antibari by the Italians, takes its name from the Italian city of Bari (Antibari, “Opposite of Bari”). One of the first long-distance radio connections made by Marconi using Tesla’s patented technology was also performed between these twin cities of Adriatic.

Bar, one of the most temperate cities in Montenegro, is a city where Mediterranean trees such as vine, figs, oranges and olives are common and also home to a 2000-year-old olive tree, one of the oldest trees in the world.


The city of Bar was moved to the shore from the its old location named Stari Bar, due to the deterioration of the aqueduct built in the Ottoman period after the 1979 Earthquake.

Apart from the Old Bar and Bar Aqueduct, which are frequently visited by tourists today, there are many other interesting points in the region such as Nehaj Castle, King Nikola’s Palace and Rumija Hill. In addition to these sightseeing areas, there are also various events organized in Bar: such as the annual music festival, motorcycle race, athletics run, and an agricultural fair.


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