Sveti Stefan


Separated by a thin tombolo from the mainland and overlooked by Queen Karađorđević’s mansion Villa Milocer, Sveti Stefan is a small islet. It was once settled and walled as a defense structure against Turkish raids, it is now renovated to serve as a sea resort and run with prestigious brand of Aman Group.


Lake Skadar is a karst lake situated between Albania and Montenegro. It is the largest lake in the Balkan region and was declared a national park by Montenegrin state. Besides sandy and peeble beaches with glass-like waters, Lake Skadar has many attaractions such as the fortified islet of Grmožur, known as the Alcatraz of Montenegro since once used as a prison, last remaining nests of pelicans in Europe mainland, and the well-conserved wreck of Skanderbeg steamboat.

İşkodra Gölü


Perast is a dream-like town located in the Bay of Kotor and lies between the black mountains of Montenegro and the blue seas of Adriatic. Inhabited since the Neolithic Age, the city of Perast was founded by Illyrians and was ruled by Romans, Venetians, and Ottomans. Besides a stone-architecture looking like postcards, Perast has two islands nearby frequented by tourists: natural island of St. George and the only artificial island in Adriatic, Old Perast; both having an historical chapel situated on them.


Zla Kolata is the highest peak in Montenegro with 2,534 km. (8,314 ft.) altitude and is divided in half by Montenegro-Albania border. A part of Albanian Alps, Zla Kolata offers a picturesque view of Valbona Valley. Zla Kolata is popular by weekenders from both Albania and Montenegro, and offers the pleasures of reaching the highest point of a country, crossing an international border over a mountain, and having introduced to lovely and hospitable folks to nearby Vusanje village.

Zla Kolata


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